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Influential companies in the Tech industry in Ethiopia

We have seen the Ahun app's journey to being the go-to event news app where you can buy tickets and interact with other people too. This has revolutionized the tech industry in Ethiopia.

Mahlet Teferi


Ahun app; Socials for Ethiopians by Ethiopians

In this day and age where everything is just a click away and everything is connected, it seems like Ethiopia is somehow left out of the party. 

But! Ahun app has served as a  pioneer in overcoming the gap in the tech industry in Ethiopia. With its launch just three years ago,  the Ahun app has paved the way by innovating an Ethiopian-based social platform, curated for the Ethiopian youth. 

It all started when two young like-minded people Habib Mohammed and  Nahom Kaylhu came together on September 12, 2020. In the time they were in college “As being college kids it started out as an idea to help us figure out the common question 'yet eniwta' (which means where should we go out to)? So we decided to create a social platform aimed at directing people to experience things happening in the city which we might like” says one of the founders but as Ahun grows it has become more than just a social media platform but also an experience that offers a convenient lifestyle where people can meet people go to exciting new places, purchase event tickets and even order delivery from your favorite places

Although they faced some difficulties along the way they have learned to overcome them and grow despite the problems! They plan to venture to other countries in Africa as well and also have some new features they will drop pretty soon so keep an eye out…               


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