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Conversion Copywriter

We are looking for a Conversion Copywriter to join our growing team here at Spiralyze. Spiralyze is a data-driven A/B testing company headquartered in the United States with clients from major brands

— content creating

Conversion Copywriter



As a Conversion Copywriter for Spiralyze, you will be responsible for creating compelling copy that engages, inspires, and converts.  

You will work closely with our research team, taking the data they’ve compiled and turning it into meaningful written wisdom and powerful prose.

You will also work directly with our project managers and clients to tease out ideas, turning concepts into convincing copy, attention-grabbing headlines, thoughtful text, and benefits-based unique selling propositions.

For each project, you will create several copy variants that will be A/B tested, with winning versions implemented on clients’ websites, webpages, and in their email campaigns. 


Required skills for the ideal Conversion Copywriter are:

  • Proven experience creating high-converting web copy
  • Strict attention to detail in copy and textual design. It bothered you that the first bullet in this set was inconsistent and didn’t have a period.
  • Strong ability to translate technical jargon and marketing blather into simple prose that even your mother could understand.
  • Ability to focus on the needs of web visitors. You can easily understand what users want, and craft copy that persuades by showing how the product or service meets their needs.
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills. You can convince  clients to expand beyond their comfort zone but are also empathetic and pragmatic in deciding where you should push back.
  • Ability to overlap with EST by 4+ hours.
  • Minimum 2+ years experience plus a portfolio of past copywriting projects.


Nice to Have:

  • Have experience using wireframe platforms, like Balsamiq or Figma, and can easily input your copy into a wireframe design.
  • Completed Copy School by Copyhackers.


  • Competitive salary.
  • Excellent career opportunities at a global company.
  • Internal and external training courses.
  • 20 days of paid vacation plus holidays.
  • Technology reimbursement.

Application Criteria:

For your application to be considered, please include an example of a conversion-focused writing sample (E.g. a landing page, email series, product description, or webpage).

It doesn’t matter if the copy wasn’t actually implemented or wasn’t written for a real client.

Ideally, your example will show how you’ve translated a bunch of technical and marketing double-speak into plain language that packs a punch. 

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