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We are hiring Pet Lovers to Produce Quality Content for the Pets Community.

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Content writer

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If you consider yourself an animal lover and  spend more time pampering your pet  than you do with your family.

If your friends constantly come to you as their first port of call for all things related to animals and if  you love writing and blogging

This job is definitely for you !

We’re a media company that runs a number of blogs. We’re looking for expert animal lover writers who can help us expand our site. We've already begun a huge investment project to grow the site.

This is an exciting opportunity for you to write about the thing you love most - Animals!  Whether you’re a hobbyist or consider yourself a pro on the topic, we want you to write for us. 

So, what’s in it for you? Not only do you get to make money from your passion, but you’ll also be part of a wider team who are driven to grow the site further. 

We’ll give you a consistent, flexible flow of work alongside world-class editorial tools to ensure you’re able to produce the very best content with minimal bottlenecks.
You’ll also get to be part of an exciting, growing project with a bright future and for which we have big plans in the pipeline.


• Must have at least 3+ years writing experience.
• Must have writing samples related to Animals/Pets.


• Competitive freelance rates  [4 to 7 cents per word].
• Consistent workload every week [4000 words]
• Flexible deadlines.
• Stable work as part of a high performing team.

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